Commercial Lease Transactions

Comprehensive Client Service in Commercial Lease Transactions
In office, medical, retail or industrial leasing, the real estate lawyers of McCormick Law Group, LLC work primarily with owners and landlords, but we also count myriad commercial tenants among our clients, especially in the context of broader general counsel relationships with small or mid-sized businesses.

Whether you need advice about the ever-shifting range of commercial lease problems that can arise in the real estate investment or property management business, or if you would like counsel about the best ways to negotiate or renew a business lease agreement with a current or prospective landlord, MLG can help you.

McCormick Law Group, LLC is a small but full-service law firm that integrates personalized and accessible client service with the range and depth of experience you would expect at a much larger practice. Of our 8 attorneys, four practice primarily in real estate transactions.

The commercial leasing practice at our law firm combines a thorough understanding of Chicago’s regional real estate markets, economic conditions and business needs with the practical ability to help clients define and achieve their objectives in a particular transaction. Several of our attorneys are also active as real estate developers and brokers, giving them an insight into the business aspects of real estate transactions often missing from the typical legal review.

Protecting Long-Term Interests While Focusing on the Deal at Hand
Whether you are a tenant, landlord or investor, we work with clients to identify and take advantage of the market conditions that support your business goals, even under tough economic conditions. At the same time, we look beyond the details of the immediate lease agreement to help clients plan for risk, expansion, assignment, renewal, adjustment or any other considerations that can make a given set of lease terms right for your situation.

McCormick Law Group is familiar with both the standard terms and the special needs of landlords and tenants in a wide range of commercial situations: Stark Law and related issues that arise in medical office leases with hospitals and physicians, downtown office leases, anchor leases in shopping centers, family business retail leases in local urban or suburban malls, industrial or warehouse leases, or sale and lease-back transactions associated with broader business deals.

Avoiding litigation in Chicago Commercial Lease Transactions
Our lawyers’ practical approach to commercial lease negotiations means that we anticipate the possibility of default and litigation at each stage of the process. Our foresight can help a client on either side of the transaction manage litigation risk, avoid protracted lease disputes, and expand flexibility for responding to contract performance problems. When necessary, however, our litigation experience can provide substantial leverage toward protecting the value of your interest.