IRSAC Issued Annual Report for 2017

IRSAC Issued Annual Report for 2017

The IRSAC (Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council) is a federal advisory committee that reports to the IRS Commissioner, and provides an organized public forum for tax administration to discuss ongoing tax issues. Members of the committee offer a chance to convey proposed IRS policies to the public, as well as programs and procedures. The IRSAC draws its members from the taxpaying public, the tax professional community, small and large businesses and the payroll industry.

The IRSAC issued its annual report on November 15th, which highlights the IRS on new and continuing issues in tax administration.

The report released information regarding topics including:

• W2 Verification codes.
• Adequate funding for the IRS.
• The Private Debt Collection Program.
• The Large Business and International Examination Process.
• Establishment of Minimum standards for all Tax Return Preparers.
• Third-Party Application Programming Interfaces.

You can read the full report here: 2017 IRSAC Public Report.