IRS Warns Travelers: Passports Can Be Suspended

I have mentioned this topic in prior blogs, but the IRS issued a new reminder this week and I thought it couldn’t hurt to discuss the issue again. For seriously delinquent taxpayers, the IRS can now suspend a taxpayer’s passport if they continue to ignore the government. We do a lot of work with IRS in resolving taxpayers back tax debt, so I am always amazed when a situation like this arises. We can always work out a payment plan regardless of the size of the tax bill, and it is never a good idea to ignore the IRS. So, directly from the horse’s mouth:


IRS Urges Travelers Requiring Passports to Pay Their Back Taxes or Enter into Payment Agreements; People Owing $51,000 or More Covered

WASHINGTON ─ The Internal Revenue Service today strongly encouraged taxpayers who are seriously behind on their taxes to pay what they owe or enter into a payment agreement with the IRS to avoid putting their passports in jeopardy…Read More.