Audit Defense and Resolution

McCormick Law Group’s tax attorneys assist individuals and businesses to resolve their IRS tax problems. When someone is faced with an IRS audit, they often worry that they are in trouble, have done something wrong or worse yet, will go to jail. If you are being audited, there is a possibility that you will incur penalties or even face criminal charges. We provide our clients with all of the services and options available in defending audits and negotiating tax debt, including handling all of the correspondence with the IRS and making the process as stress-free as possible.

Tax attorneys at McCormick Law Group deal with large tax liabilities, audits, and IRS civil and criminal investigations. We help business owners, tax preparers, and other individuals with complex tax situations and create solutions for unmanageable IRS tax liability. Our specialized tax attorneys defend against all IRS audits, investigations, and indictments and get the best possible outcome.